Providing housing advice to leads and clients is one of the primary functions of real estate agents today. To stand out from competing industry pros in your market who offer similar counsel to home buyers and sellers and prove your real estate agent tips are the most helpful for your niche audience, it essential that you provide your housing tips in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest guide.

We’re happy to offer a free, custom-made ebook you can use to nurture and educate both buyer and seller leads and clients.

With our free real estate ebook templates (which you can download below), you can offer your own in-depth home buying guide for those who want to purchase homes in your market and a detailed home selling guide for local residents who intend to list their properties. We’ve included numerous tips for home buyers and sellers you can modify as you see fit. If you need some help customizing them with your industry expertise and for your niche real estate leads, keep reading to check out our content ideas after the jump.

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